Our services include design, 3D modelling, detailing and documentation, project management of the building approval process, and project management of required consultants.

The SOBD Design and Documentation Process

Stage 1 – Needs Analysis and Planning

  • Client meeting to review objectives/wish list and budget planning
  • Develop client project brief
  • Establish local authority regulations
  • Engage as required third party consultants

Stage 2 – Concept Design

  • From the project brief we develop a concept design which provides a starting point for further design and detailing
  • Initial sketch planning/floor plan
  • Initial elevation of primary facade
  • Client meeting to review concept

Stage 3 – Design Development

  • From concept design meeting respond to client feedback
  • Prepare CAD floor plans and elevations
  • Obtain consultant quotes (Engineer, etc.)
  • Obtain a construction cost estimate
  • Client meeting to review

Stage 4 – Final Design

  • Present client revised scale drawings with 3D modelling
  • Obtain final construction cost estimate
  • Final modifications are made in response to client feedback
  • Prepare documentation

Stage 5 – Detailed Drawings and Building Approval

  • Prepare working drawings to be submitted for approval
  • Prepare details and documentation
  • Coordinate and lodge all necessary building approval information/applications